Business Banking Cash Concentration Across First Financial Bank Locations

Your money is going places.

Does your business have locations in different cities? First Financial Cash Concentration may be right for you.

Cash Concentration is designed for companies with multiple deposit locations, as well as multiple banking relationships. It allows you to consolidate funds from a number of banks into a single account. Using this service, you can accumulate your cash resources into one combined cash pool, minimizing excess balances.


Convenient Process
Transfers can be initiated from a central location or from multiple remote locations.
Provides an organized method of controlling deposits made by multiple locations.

Easy Access to Funds
Transactions initiated by 3 p.m. are transferred for next day availability.
Funds from local depository banks are concentrated at First Financial.

Reduced Costs
Eliminate the expense of wire transfers, increase investment potential and reduce borrowing needs.

For more information about using the ACH network for Cash Concentration, contact us by calling 877-627-7201 or emailing

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