Business Banking Direct Deposit Services at First Financial Bank

Be direct with your employees.

Direct Deposit via ACH is a very safe and reliable method for delivering payroll to your employees. Using the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) network, funds are securely deposited into the appropriate accounts on payday. Direct Deposit can be used to deliver payroll as well as per diem allowances to bank accounts anywhere in the U.S. By achieving 100% participation in Direct Deposit Payroll, your business will receive maximum benefits. No matter how many employees, Direct Deposit is an excellent choice for your business.

Great For Your Business

  • Reduce costs by eliminating or reducing check stock
  • End Stop Payment requests for lost or stolen checks
  • Help protect your bank account number by not writing checks that show it
  • Simplify reconciliation
  • Eliminate postage and delivery costs

Great For Your Employees

  • Eliminate trips to the bank to deposit payroll checks
  • Payroll funds are automatically deposited
  • Funds are immediately available on pay day
  • Eliminate check cashing fees

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