Personal Banking Client Testimonials

We love our clients, and the feeling is mutual.

When clients go out of their way to give us a compliment, it means a lot. It lets us know we're doing things right for them. And it lets you know we'll do the same for you. Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Alanna Makes a Bad Day Better

A young customer came into the bank to check her balance with Granbury Personal Banker Alanna. She was upset because her debit card was not working and she did not have enough gas to get to work. Alanna pulled up the account and noticed that her account had been debited twice by Verizon and one of the transactions was going to fall off that night. Alanna memo posted the transaction amount so the customer could get gas and make it to work.

A few minutes later, the customer came back inside the bank even more upset and crying in frustration. On the way to her truck she realized that she locked the keys inside. Recognizing that the customer was having a bad day, Alanna offered to do what she could and gave the customer a ride so that she would not be late to work.

Congratulations to Alanna for her WOW!

Thanks to Donna for submitting this story.

Christie Provides Service Worth Noting

Recently, an elderly customer came into the Sweetwater bank and asked Loan Assistant Christie if she could notarize an important document for his wife. Christie quickly confirmed that she could notarize the document. The customer added that his wife was unable to come into the bank because of illness. Christie said that she would be unable to notarize her signature if she was not present, but offered to go to their home and provide the notary service there. The gentleman gratefully accepted Christie’s offer and they went to his home to notarize his wife’s signature on the document.

Christie went out of her way to give extraordinary customer service. The elderly gentleman commented that he loves First Financial Bank because we really care about our customers. Christie simply responded, “That’s what we do.”

Congratulations to Christie for her WOW!

Thanks to Kirby for submitting this story.

Christy and Kyle Help Keep Customer Out of the Cold

Recently, a customer came into Abilene’s River Oaks branch lobby wanting to pay her utility bill. This customer has been coming into the River Oaks branch a lot lately and often seems to be very confused. She was forgetting to pay her bills and things were getting disconnected- including her power during the coldest days of the year. Personal Banker, Christy was assisting her and instructed her to go to the FFB branch in HEB, withdraw the funds there and take the money to the store courtesy counter to pay her electric bill. The customer went to HEB and withdrew the money, but returned to the River Oaks branch after they closed. She had not paid her electric bill. Christy and Brokerage Officer, Kyle, followed her back to HEB and helped her take care of her bill. Following this event, Christy and Kyle got her set up so they could continue helping her until they make contact with someone in her family that might be able to help her.

Congratulations to Christy & Kyle for their WOW!

Thanks to Victoria for submitting this story.

David Makes Customer Feel at Home

Mary, an elderly Stephenville trust customer, had to go to the ER and was ultimately admitted into the hospital. Her doctor strongly recommended she go into an assisted living facility to receive therapy and rebuild her strength before returning home, where she lives alone. Mary has no family in Stephenville, but her close lady friends check on her. Executive Vice President of First Financial Trust David, Mary’s trust administrator, was able to make arrangements for a room in an assisted living facility, and along with Mary’s friends, convince her to stay for a month or two. With only an hour’s notice of Mary’s release from the hospital, there was no one available to move Mary’s furniture into the assisted living facility. Knowing Mary needed help, David went home, got his trailer, and moved Mary’s bed, recliner and TV into the facility so Mary would feel more at home.

David not only put his customer’s financial needs first, but her physical and emotional needs as well. What an amazing example he is for all of us on how to truly care for our customers! Undoubtedly, trust customers are in good hands in Stephenville, Texas.

Congratulations to David for his WOW!

Thanks to Missy for submitting this story.

Jan Helps Customer Get Safely Home

When Weatherford customer Ruth came through the motor bank to cash a check Teller Jan noticed that she seemed a bit confused and not quite like herself. She was very shaky, repeated herself and slurred her words. Jan asked if she could call an ambulance for her, but Ruth insisted that she was fine and needed to get home. Jan then asked if she could call someone for her or if she would allow someone from the bank to drive her home. Living only a few blocks from the bank, she permitted Jan to drive her and her granddaughter home while another employee followed. Ruth was very thankful that they cared enough to help her get safely home.

Congratulations to Jan for her WOW!

Thanks to Rena for submitting this story.

Jan Assists Elderly Customer with Purchase

Bridgeport Personal Banker Jan recently encountered an elderly First Financial Bank customer at a local grocery store. This customer only drives locally to purchase any necessary goods she may need. On this day, the customer told Jan that she was looking for a specific item but wasn’t able to find it locally. They discovered that this item was available at Walmart; however, the closest Walmart store is in another city. The elderly customer could not make the drive, so Jan generously offered to go to Walmart for her, purchase the item she needed, and stop by the customer’s home to drop it off.

Sometimes you have to go out of your way to help a customer. Jan did just that because of her big heart. This customer greatly appreciated her kindness and great example of Customer Service First.

Congratulations to Jan for her WOW!

Thanks to Jaime for submitting this story.

K’la Extends Her Hours to Help Customer

At 12:50 p.m. on a Saturday, Huntsville Teller K’la received a panicked call from a customer. She was having some work done at her house and was on her way to an ATM to get cash, so she could pay the workers, when she realized that she had lost her debit card. She was calling to find out what time the bank closed and whether she would be able to make it there to make a withdrawal. K’la told the customer that the bank closed at 1:00 p.m., but they would wait for her to get there. The customer explained that she lived fifteen minutes away and she would not be able to make it to the bank before 1:00 p.m. K’la reassured her that they would wait for her to arrive and it would not be a problem. The customer arrived at 1:15 p.m. and was able to get the money to pay the workers at her house. She was so thankful that they were willing to stay to help her.

It would have been easy for K’la to tell the customer that they closed at 1:00 p.m. and go on about her business, but she went beyond that to extend the personal customer service that the First Financial name represents.

Congratulations to K’la for her WOW!

Thanks to Michelle for submitting this story.

Melanie Serves Customers on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day FFB Cisco customer C.W.’s son, Bo, was at the hospital in Abilene getting chemotherapy treatments instead of enjoying the holiday at home. Vice President of Commercial Loans Melanie and her sister drove to Abilene from Cisco to deliver a home cooked Thanksgiving meal to the family at the hospital.

The following Tuesday, Trent received a call from another local customer wanting to acknowledge Melanie’s selfless action on Thanksgiving Day. He said he was not surprised by Melanie’s selfless actions. “She was integral in starting the huge Thanksgiving lunch at FFB Mineral Wells that now serves hundreds for Thanksgiving. Melanie’s servant heart is a great example for each of us.”

Congratulations to Melanie for her WOW!

Thanks to Trent for submitting this story.

Lisa Makes Customer Service Fashion Statement

Lisa, Orange Savings Bank Mortgage Lender arranged to deliver mortgage documents and pick up financial information from a customer’s house so that he would not have to drive to the bank. She had a hair appointment at a beauty salon close to his house and Lisa told him that she would be glad to stop in and deliver documents to him after her appointment. The customer decided to go eat dinner before Lisa was to arrive, so he went to the beauty salon and met her in the parking lot. Not many ladies would even consider being seen in this manner; however, Lisa waited on him, explained his documents and took his information with tin foil in-hair and wearing her hairdresser’s robe.

Now, Lisa is a little blonder than expected, but she is not complaining that her color stayed on a little longer than normal. Thanks to Lisa’s patience, we have a very happy and well-taken care of mortgage prospect.

Congratulations to Lisa for her WOW!

Thanks to Cindi for submitting this story.

Mike Puts Customer First, Through Snow and Ice

After receiving 11 inches of snow the day before, the entire city of Hereford was shut down and not many people were driving on the roads. An 89-year-old customer called the bank upset because she needed to get to the bank to fax a verification document so she could receive a wire and the local police would not pick her up. Upon calling the bank, she was told that someone from the bank could pick up the form so she would not have to get out in the snow. Mike, President of First Financial Bank’s Hereford region, took it upon himself to get in his four wheel drive pickup, go collect the document and fax it for the customer.

The customer was very thankful that Mike and the bank went the literal extra mile to take care of her.

Congratulations to Mike for his WOW!

Thanks to Adrian for submitting this story.

When the computers went down, this banker rose to the occasion.

When it comes to serving our customers, we strive for perfection. We do, however, admit that we are not perfect. A while back, Bettye over in our San Angelo bank had to face up to that. One of Bettye's customers was in need of a cashier's check in order to close on her new home. But our computer system went down. So not only couldn't we print the check, we couldn't wire the funds either. Bettye didn't panic. Instead, she did a little investigating and discovered that the local bank holding the account for the title company doing the closing had an account with us. Bettye called the bank and arranged to credit the closing funds to their account, so they could cut the cashier's check to the title company. Which they did. And Bettye's customer was able to close that afternoon, right on time. So while it's true we may not always be perfect, fortunately, we have people like Bettye who make up for that.

Congratulations to Bettye for her WOW!

Thanks to Jim for submitting Bettye’s story.

Kim Rescues Bank Customers From Scam

On Wednesday, May 13th, Kim, VP- Director of Consumer Lending, was made aware that an elderly couple who had banked with FFB Cleburne for over 25 years was inquiring as to the process of initiating a stop payment on a rather large check they had written to a contractor. During the course of the conversation the customers mentioned they were having some asphalt work done at their home. They shared with Kim the price they were paying in order to get this particular type of work completed. Kim, just recently having the same type of work conducted at her home, thought the price the couple quoted was extremely high. Very concerned that our customer was possibly being taken advantage of Kim immediately contacted law enforcement officials.

Kim called a detective from the Cleburne Police Department who quickly came by the bank to ask the couple some additional questions. Kim stayed with the customers as the police kept them detained for almost three hours at the bank. That same day an independent contractor was also sent to the couple’s home to determine the scope of work that was being done. The contractor concurred that the customer was being overcharged for the asphalt work. When the investigation was complete it was determined the couple had, indeed, been scammed and the detective advised them to stop the work pending further investigation.

Kim’s quick thinking and taking the time to listen to her customers saved this couple from being scammed out of more than $68,000.00! Her persistence and intuitiveness communicated to these customers that her concern for them surpassed just taking care of their banking needs!

Congratulations to Kim for her WOW!

Thanks to Derek for submitting Kim’s story.

Aurora Garcia goes the Extra Mile

Early one morning, Mineral Wells customer Fedarico drove to the hospital before having surgery, however, when he was dismissed from the hospital he had no one to drive him and his son home. Loan Assistant Aurora went to the hospital to drive Fedarico and his son home.

The next morning, Fedarico’s son called an ambulance because his dad was having complications from the surgery. Aurora, knowing Fedarico’s son could not drive, picked up the son and took him to the hospital to be with his dad. Later that afternoon, she returned to the hospital to take Fedarico and his son back to their home.

Aurora went the extra mile to care for Fedarico and his son and provide Customer Service First.

Congratulations to Aurora for this WOW!

Thanks to Linda for submitting this story.
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