Business Banking Wire Transfer Services at First Financial Bank

Transfer money across the country or across the globe.

When your business needs to send money in a hurry, a Wire Transfer is the answer. It allows you to move funds in real-time to another US bank or foreign bank, in US dollars or foreign currency. Wire Transfers give your recipient immediate access to the funds.

Wire Transfers can be initiated three ways:

  • In person at any First Financial location
  • By phone, with prior set up and established security measures
  • Using Business Online Banking, with prior set up and established authority

Depending on your needs, Wire Transfers can be scheduled to occur on a routine basis or on demand. Whether initiating a Wire Transfer at the bank, or using our Business Online Banking, a signed agreement must be negotiated.

It’s important to remember that once your wire instructions are entered and approved, the funds may not be recoverable, even if there was a mistake. That means it is critical to safeguard your money with complete and accurate instructions in order deliver your funds as intended. It is also highly recommended that you incorporate dual control when initiating Wire Transfers, which is an excellent best-practice that adds another level of security.

For more information about Wire Transfers contact us by calling 877.627.7201 or emailing

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