Business Banking Zero Balance Accounts at First Financial Bank

Don’t let your money just sit there.

Why let your cash sit idle when you can put it to work using Zero Balance Accounts? Zero Balance Accounts, or ZBAs, automatically transfer funds to and from a master account from one or more secondary accounts, thus maintaining a zero balance. They allow businesses to consolidate all of their bank balances into one pool of funds.

ZBAs are designed to help you eliminate manual transfer of funds between accounts, reduce idle cash and prevent overdrafts. Payroll accounts are often ZBAs. Money is automatically moved to fund the items presented for payment that day.

One of the benefits of ZBAs, is that they allow your business to maximize earnings on idle cash and reduce borrowing costs. Money moves from the operating account to pay items in the secondary accounts and moves money from the secondary account to the operating account at the end of each banking day. Then, excess cash can move to an investment account or to pay down a loan.

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