Mobile Deposit with First Financial Bank

Make Deposits From Anywhere With a Smartphone or Tablet

Deposit paper checks directly into your First Financial account by using the First Financial mobile app and taking a picture of the check with your smartphone or tablet. You no longer need to race to a branch after work or schedule a trip during business hours to make a deposit. Make your deposits from a remote location like home, the office, or the sidelines of your child’s soccer game with First Financial mobile deposit.

Here’s how it works.

How to Make a Mobile Deposit

Step 1: Endorse the check by signing your name on the back of it and writing “For Mobile Deposit Only” and your account number below your signature.

Step 2: Open the First Financial mobile app with your smartphone or tablet.

Download from the Apple Store

Download from Google Play 

Step 3: Is this your first time using mobile deposit? If so, follow these easy steps to enroll. If you are already enrolled, skip to Step 4. 

Step 3.a: Click the "Transactions" tab and select "Mobile Deposit Enrollment."

Step 3.b: Review the Terms and Conditions and check the appropriate box. 

image showing to accept the terms and conditions of mobile deposit

Step 4. On the homepage, click the “Transactions” tab, then choose "Deposit Check". 

Step 5: NEW* Endorse your check! All checks deposited through mobile banking must be include "For Mobile Deposit Only". 

Step 6: Enter the deposit amount and choose the account you want the deposit to go to.

Step 6.b: Take a picture of both sides of the check within the app. Once completed, click "Submit Deposit" and close.

use your phone to snap a photo of your check and approve the image to submit

Step 7: Wait for verification. Write down the confirmation number for your records. Note: funds may be held or available immediately depending on the size of the deposit.

Step 8: Write “void” on the face of the check.