Credential Stuffing

Credential Stuffing: How You Can Prevent It

Although no criminals have successfully used this strategy to access accounts at First Financial Bank, we want our customers to be on alert of the increased risk brought about by these uncertain times. 

What is Credential Stuffing?

Credential stuffing is a type of cyber-attack in which hackers take large amounts of usernames and passwords and try to "stuff" those credentials into the login page of other digital services. Because people often use the same username across multiple platforms, hackers can use the information gathered from credential stuffing to unlock multiple accounts. Then, with the use of automated tools, hackers can attempt thousands of login credentials in a matter of minutes. In recent years, hundreds of millions of credentials have been stolen and sold to commit fraud. 

How can I prevent it?

  • Avoid generic usernames that include your first or last name, or first initial and last name
  • Include numbers and special characters in both your usernames and passwords
  • Frequently change your account usernames and passwords
  • Use different usernames and passwords across online platforms
  • When possible, avoid using your email address as a username

How First Financial Can Help: 

When we say safe, sound, and secure; we mean it. Our fraud prevention experts consistently monitor suspicious activity and if we believe someone is trying to access our online banking using your username, we will alert you. You can also sign up for real-time debit card text alerts that will let you know any time your debit card is used by clicking here. We will also discuss how to protect your information and accounts moving forward. Together, we can keep your account security TEXAS STRONG.  

For any other questions about your account security, call us at 855-660-5862